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Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Parrish Lantern reviews 'School of Forgery'

A new review of School of Forgery is up at The Parrish Lantern blog. Gary Moon, the reviewer, writes:

"... beneath all that artifice, beneath the games there is a candour that resonates, a passion that hooks you in past the word-bothering puzzles and clever facade, past the glitter-ball and the wizard of Oz contrivances, you find the poet, obsessed with language, and who has the ability to use it, not just as poetic gesture but with a depth, a strangeness and a beauty that beguiles." 

Thanks, Parrish Lantern!

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  1. Just found this whilst playing with some features on my phone, hope you liked the post almost as much as I enjoyed the collection..
    All the best
    Gary (Parrish Lantern)


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