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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 8: Frank O'Hara meets Paul Celan!

Oh @SunshinePlaytime we love you get up!

Frank O'Hara meets Paul Celan for today's advent Twitterbot. Teutonic, camp and glorious, Ich 💗 this NY bot.

Viel Spass, und vorsicht auf dem Krampus, Kinder!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 7: You are no match for @AnimeCarson!

Just as Christmas is indeed a time for eating, it is a time for fighting too. If we were to send our champion into the arena, it would be mythmaking, genre-breaking Canadian poet Anne Carson. But how would this dextrous wordsmith fare in the sword-swiping, explosive world of anime? Could she smack-talk it with the best of them? Time to find out with our latest bot, @AnimeCarson!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 6: Catullus and Aquanauts poetry call!

For Day 6, we're trumpeting our ongoing call for submissions for two anthologies!  These are:

AQUANAUTS will focus on the submarine world, from just below the water's surface to the darkest depths and the strangest creatures (like this lovely anglerfish).

BAD KID CATULLUS will be a book of new translations, transformations and twists on and of the filthy satirical poems of Catullus.

Full guidelines can be found here, but in general:

• We will consider all kinds of poems, but we are particularly looking for calligrams, visual poems, concrete poems, and work which extends these genres: in essence, work which is immediately visually striking and typographically performative as well as readable. We are also favourably disposed toward poems that perform (and foreground) complex formal ‘feats’, such as palindromic or anagrammatical poems.

• Multiple submissions are encouraged. We are happy to consider work that has been previously published if it’s a good fit for the remit as described above.

• Ideally, each individual submission should fit comfortably on a single page. The page size for both titles is 124mm x 182mm. Submissions that use multiple pages to particular effect (eg. a poem in sections) will also be considered.

• Collaborations between poets and visual artists are welcome and encouraged, but we’re looking for words deployed artistically, or with visual elements, rather than illustrated poems.

• Submissions do not need to be typed or made using a word processor. We will consider pieces where the lettering is hand-drawn or painted, and we encourage experimentation with type using photo-editing software.

• We are planning to include a number of colour pages in each book, so submissions that use colour will definitely be considered.

• Please submit in the form of docs, docxs, pdfs, jpgs or pngs. If submitting jpgs or pngs please make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi. If submitting docs or docxs, please make sure that all spacing is achieved using the space bar, rather than tabulation (this is so that we can easily transfer the work to another program without having to reconstruct it).

DEADLINE: 7th January 2017

Monday, 5 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 5: Introducing Edwhirl Learchester!

Brilliant burlesque meets sublime nonsense as another Twitterbot this way comes, in the form of Edwhirl Learchester!

A bizarre alliance between Edward Lear and the Earl of Rochester, this bot is out to lampoon by the light of the moon!

Restore that Pobble!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 4: Meat & Mustard play-poems!

Christmas is a time for eating. Lots and lots of eating. To celebrate the season of gluttony, we present play-poems of Jon's poems

We've also hidden a sixpence in each - can you spot the different meats and the mustard anagrams?

Om nom nom indeed!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 3: Talking of Shags...

Our second Advent Twitterbot is loose! With blue blood and bluer content, @PearlvQueen combines Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas messages through the years with smut from Victorian porn mag The Pearl.
May it warm your chestnuts and top your tree.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 2: Play-poem - Shag versus Cormorant!

Day Two and something strange is happening across the wintered lands, Sidefans.

Battered by the sharp winds and chased by storms, humans are seeking to flee winter by transforming themselves into dark, ragged seabirds. When the gales bite and the flurries chill, which will you become:

Time to play


There's a poem and illustration from Birdbook IV: Saltwater and Shore waiting at the end, along with your answer, your birdly future.