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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Review: Morgan Harlow's Midwest Ritual Burning

posted by the Judge
Well, here we are once more. It's Sunday, and like all Sundays, we're cramming the trunk with beer-packs and setting off for Somerset, where we shall visit the grave of King Arthur in Glastonbury.

No hold on a second. That's for the blog on ancient rituals behind beer. What happens here is that we have a poetry review, one which you can read by clicking on this particular link. Morgan Harlow wrote a collection called Midwest Ritual Burning, referring to the fact that she kept burning her fingers whenever she was a kid and they had barbecues (the cover for the book, with the original title, is displayed above). Anthony Adler, our reviewer for the day, was actually supposed to review some of my own work, but he got back to me telling me he'd rather gouge his eyes out than plod through my bull he was very keen on doing Morgan, so he's back to the reviewing boards.

Have a great Sunday!

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