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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Angela is Coming!

"There's just something that doesn't seem right ..."

Sidekick is very pleased to announce the imminent launch of the sinister, hilarious and oddly poignant Angela!

Who can explain the mysterious allure of Angela Lansbury? In this Sidekick Team-Up, Chrissy Williams and Howard Hardiman gaze upon (and into) the many facets of Angela and her most famous fictional counterpart, Jessica Fletcher, as wonderstruck miners might scrutinise a fist-sized diamond freshly cut from the rock. But like a tesseract, Angela seems to exist in four dimensions, beyond Euclidean space, her limits impossible to define through observation alone. Thus, further and deeper must our fearless duo travel, through the televisual glass, past all the iterations of ode and approximation, into the parallel universe that is Angela.

Check out Chrissy's rather excellent trailer for the launch event, to be held on 16th October at Drink, Shop & Do on Caledonian Road, London, and RSVP here for macabre merrymaking!

Nearest tube: King's Cross St Pancras

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