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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dr F loves the following people:

(Well, as much as it's possible for his charred heart to feel something akin to love.)

We want to say a big, big thank you to the 97 people who Kickstarted our Coin Opera II anthology all the way to the printers. Poetry meets computer games in a dual-covered, multi-levelled spectacular that's hot-foiled like a demon. It's everything we hoped it would be, and it's thanks to you.

The main books have been sent already and we're working on the finer details of the deluxe editions for higher-level backers. Expect those as soon as they've wriggled from the cauldron.

So here is a rundown of the kindly souls that caused Dr F to twitch in a smile-like fashion. There are lot of very deserving Kickstarters out there, and we really appreciate your backing. So without further ado, COII: Fulminare's Revenge was brought to you by:

Chris Larkin

Megen de Bruin-Molé

Robin Beitra

Stuart Lister

Ian Cartland

Katy Whitehead

Christopher Webb

Abigail Parry

Matteo Gilebbi

Alex MacDonald

Bob Thulfram

John Clegg

Aiko Harman

Angela Cleland

Isobel Dixon

Paul Duggan

Kathryn Lewis

Dana Bubulj

Claire Trévien

Rob Jones

Robert Sneezum

Kate Whaite

Dan Griliopoulos

Dean Bowman

Tori Truslow

Peter Keogh

Richard Penlington

Jens Theeß

Erica Marfell Lewis

James Burt

Team Minecraftia

Maya Berger

Carly Lightfoot

Christopher Kelly

J Henderson

Daniel Holmberg

Chris Pressl

John Saylor

Rab Green

Ben Wilkinson

Alex Brown

Ryan Van Winkle

Geoffrey Scaplehorn

James Ward

Joy Stone

Rod Whitworth

Coral Dyer

James Midgley

Alister Wedderburn

Michael Nørskov

Patrick Vickers

Harry Giles

Darren Grey

Alex Spencer

Samuel Prince

Esther Saxey

Simon Richards

Al Kennedy

Nigel Gilbert

Helen Lewis

Thomas Sieben

Cliff Hammett

Dan Whitehead

Harry Man

Chris McCluskey

Chris Hogan

Michael Nanthachack

Francine Rubin

Patrick JS

Chelsea Cargill

Ian Chung

Oliver Burrows

Sam Williams

Greg Young

TeraTelnet, aka Nathan Darcy

Alex Pena

Vladimir Roth

Taylor Morris

Paul Smout

Elliott Finn

Henry Osadzinski

Barry Donovan

Neil Aitken

Eloise Stonborough

Matthew Haigh

Theodoros Chiotis

Chrissy Williams

Andrea Tallarita

Matt Cummins

Robert Harper

Alex Moser

Richard Watt

Skye Nathaniel Schiefer

Mark Taormino

James Love

Laurie Wilson

and last but not least, the legendary Violet Berlin.


Stuck for a present for the gamer or poet in your life? Coin Opera II: Fulminare's Revenge can be ordered at drfulminare.com/coinoperaii.php.

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