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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 24: Get this Partridge Started!

Putting the 'advent' in adventure, for Sidekick's final post before Christmas, Jon and K have co-written an party-gathering poem. The form was inspired by RPG games and taken from our video games anthology Coin Opera II: Fulminare's Revenge. The subject matter? Well, I'll let the picture give you a hint.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Party in a Pear Tree

I set out to find her. A red-legged trickster
afafed from a lone tree, then dropped down to join me.

A jaw and a jar at an inn on the highway:
the doubled-up queere-duke in blotched coat enlisted.

A troika of feathers, a hoisted foil.
Mes braves, you could do with my comp├ętence.

While crossing the strait, a stowaway tom-boy
called at my quarters: I hear you’re recruiting?

The forger drummed her knuckle duster,
traced a pentagon, smiled, signed on.

We stopped at a hot spring; a fool on a lounger
mistook us for seraphs and followed behind us.

Ambushed by divers! A white-cloaked sherpa
was drifting by, shattered their arms. Lucky us.

I sold off my eight-track. The cowgirl who bought it
got hooked on my looks and came galloping after.

The Arn village seer, whipped into a frenzy,
went supernova and ran as we trailed her.

We bowled through a bandit camp. Chap with a peerage
jumped into the fray: I suggest we join forces!

Hired an elf archer, who mimicked the chickadee.
Drove me insane, but in the end saved me.

We found her, my heartbeat. We heard her sweet singing.
Yeah, we found her, my heartbeat. We heard her sweet singing,
and all of us lay down to watch the sun sinking.

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