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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Sidevent Adkick Day 17: Special Gifty Limited Edition Superminis!

Eeep! It's a Christmas exclusive! Jon has been hard at work, making a micro-run of special edition Supermini anthologies, with unique collage cards and themed keepsakes!

There are three to choose from, they're £8 plus postage, and when they're gone, they're gone!

OBAKARAMA (3 copies only)

The gift edition of our colourful Japanese monster anthology, Obakarama, comes with a hand-made card featuring a sinister umi-bozu looming over a ship. You also get two beautiful hana-fuda playing cards in there.


The tale of a text, destroyed and remade through the false memories of many poets. The gift edition of Korsakoff's Paper Chain comes with a scalpelled greetings card of a mystery figure and a dictaphone-tape pendant.


Originally designed as a reward for high-level Coin Opera II buyers, Super Treasure Arcade is a Sidekick rarity! Jon Stone takes the reader on a journey through gaming history, with a poem and an illustration for every game from 1974, when the first arcade video game emerged, to 2014. The gift edition comes with a collage card of an arcade machine and a lucky ¥5 coin.

We hope you enjoy these monkeyed-with micros!

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